PACKAGING GUIDELINES introducing Branded packaging material for our Sellers/Manufactures. An easy way for you to purchase Superior quality packaging materials at affordable prices from Select your requirements, order them online, and have the material delivered at your doorsteps


1. PROTECTION A good package makes shipping your products much safer, no matter what type of transport you use. In return, you will get satisfied and loyal clients for years to come. Buying a product online, you need to know that it will arrive safely at the customer’s doorstep. Most of the companies use packaging materials, the company that you choose must be a perfect one, then your products will reach the customers securely. Since boxes get moved around, it is necessary for both parties (Buyer & Seller) to have a packaging type with a high level of protection that will securely hold the contents in place until it reaches the customer. provides quality and superior Branded packaging materials. 2. SAFETY The contents inside every package should be displayed visibly on the packaging material, by doing so the delivery person will be aware of what product he is handling For example like Electronics, Glassware etc., items should be handled with care. 3. USABILITY We provide User-friendly packaging materials. A packaging which is simple to open and close, easy to fold and sort after usage, and which can be reused or recycled satisfies the customer and the packaging usability.

  1. A Corrugated box or a Carton is primarily used to hold the product and to stack it during transport.
  2.  A logo tape is a sign of reliability and consistency to customers.
  3.  Wrap each item individually. An easy-to-use tape dispenser is an added advantage.
  4.  Using a standard 10mm bubble wrap will protect the content.
  5.  Do not use String or paper over-wrap.
  6.  Void fillers provide further protection to the product.
  7.  Use a single address label with clear delivery and return information.
  8.  Use at least two inches of cushioning between each of your items and inside of the box.
  9.  Do not bundle several boxes together.
  10.  Scan able barcodes should be covered or removed when reusing a retail box to ship different products.