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India’s first unique B2B & B2C portal with an Umbrella concept just made for you. We Introduce New Suppliers, Distributors & Retailers for our Manufactures. We create New Start-up Business & Job opportunities for Indian people.

You can register on web-portal by visiting the registration page on desktop and fill up your required credentials. Once your registration is done within 24-48 hours it will be validated.

Once you sign up as a Vendor participant, you can begin selling your goods on the web-portal.

When you register as a Customer, you can log in to the web- portal and make Bulk and Single purchases for the necessary goods. In accordance with the MOQ ,(Minimum Order Quantity) bulk purchase can be done orelse Single purchase can be made by the customer.

The least amount of stock that a seller is willing to sell is known as the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Based on each product category and the Sellers’ Interest the MOQ level gets differed.

Contact the customer support team at (+91 8181811017) to check stock availability if your order does not meet the MOQ. You’ll receive an order confirmation if the seller approves your order.

You can contact our customer support (+91 8181811017) to clarify your doubts before placing an bulk order web-portal.

Customer Information

If you missed your order on that day, the delivery staff will try to deliver it the following working day. If not, you will get an SMS or email confirming the delivery date.

Yes, the delivery staff will attempt to deliver your purchase once again.

Your order will likely be delivered on schedule. If this occurs, you will be informed of the delivery time of your purchase through message or email, and you may also check the status of your order.

Most likely, your order will be dispatched 1-3 business days in case of a single product order if not depending on your MOQ, the days of delivery will be mentioned on the product page about the order delivery date to ensure that it gets to you in a timely manner. We ask that you contact Customer Support if your purchase has not been sent within the allotted time frame. We will then endeavour to resolve the situation.

When your purchase has been dispatched by the seller, we will let you know via email or SMS, and we will also give you a tracking number so you can follow the progress of your orders. You may monitor your order by visiting My Orders on platform.

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